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This hoop will be handmade for you according to YOUR specifications, in an eco-friendly workshop powered solely by sustainable SOLAR ENERGY



#1 - Number of LEDs
Choose to have the hoop made with 18 LEDs, 27 LEDs or 36 LEDs. With the 18 LED and 27 LED option, there is NO battery gap (the 36 LED option is spaced closer together so there is a 1" battery gap/dark spot.) Please note that we are not responsible for color variations from device to device, if you are wanting a very particular hue please contact us to make sure that we get you exactly what you want! MORE LEDs = BRIGHTER HOOP!

This hoop will turn on and off with a simple push button closure. This design is incredibly durable, and makes switching out batteries a cinch. Perfect for events where you don't have access to electricity! Choose between a standard 'outer' connection, or an upgraded 'inner' connection*. The inner connection has a smooth, sleek appearance and is slightly more balanced. Please note that while the outer connector has an 'off' position, the inner connector does not (meaning you will have to remove the battery when you want to turn the hoop off.) Refer to photos for a comparison. 

Each hoop requires only one battery to turn on. You will receive one wall charger and one rechargeable lithium-ion battery with your order. Each battery takes about 2 hours to charge and will give you 1-2 hours of glow time on a full charge. When purchasing this listing, you will be given the opportunity to add extra batteries to your order - we highly recommend this so that you're never left in the dark! 


You can choose for this hoop to be made with white HDPE tubing, clear PolyPro tubing, or colored PolyPro tubing. With LED hoops, there is no noticeable difference in weight between the types. We do not recommend one or the other, your decision should be made on what feels right to you...HDPE is more springy and PolyPro is more rigid. If you choose to have your hoop made with colored PolyPro tubing, you can choose from 5 beautiful colors: Iridescent Tangerine, Iridescent Orchid, Color Shift Pyrite, UV Orange, or UV Turquoise. The colored tubings are all translucent, which means that the LEDs will still shine brightly throughout them!

You have the option to add a HANDMADE hoop bag to your order. The hoop bags hold the hoop in a small, collapsed position and feature a carry strap so that it can be worn across the shoulders/back! Hoop bags can fit 2-4 collapsed hoops at once. Perfect for festivals and airline travel!

You may choose from a variety of even-numbered sizes between 26" and 38". If you would prefer an in-between size (31", 33", etc) be sure to include that in the NOTE TO SELLER box at checkout! CitivaCreationz LED hoops are measured by outside diameter, meaning from outside edge to outside edge. Not sure which size you need? Here are my recommendations...
-38" OD (XXL) : Beginners, curvy body types, tall body types (over 5'8") OR hoopers who prefer a slower hooping style
-36" OD (XL) : Tall/curvy intermediate hoopers OR children over 12
-34" OD (L) : Most intermediate hoopers OR children under 12
-32" OD (MD) : Intermediate hoopers with smaller body types OR advanced tall/curvy hoopers
-30" OD (SM)/28" OD (XS)/26" OD (XXS): These sizes are for advanced hoopers OR hoopers with a very small frame. Also a great size for intermediate/advanced skill doubles. Not recommended for anyone who hasn't used this size hoop before! 

#7 - Grip Options
If you order HDPE tubing for your hoop, you have the option to have gaffer grip tape added along the inner rim of the hoop at no additional cost. If you choose not to add the tape, the hoop will come bare and you will receive a piece of sandpaper to sand the tubing for grip, if you so desire. All PolyPro hoops will come bare, with a piece of sandpaper for sanding to your preference.




CitivaCreationz has one of the best reputations within the hoop community for providing amazing customer service to thousands of hoopers all over the world since 2010. We are all hoopers here at CitivaCreationz, so we understand that this is a special purchase and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with your order! If you aren't happy with your CitivaCreationz LED hoop, you have one week from the delivery date to return it for a refund or exchange :)

Every step is taken to ensure that we leave the smallest carbon footprint possible when creating your hoops. Most importantly, each hoop is handmade in a workshop that is powered solely by solar panels! In addition, most boxes and packaging materials we use are made from recycled post consumer waste. All of the shipping labels are printed on paper made from sugar cane waste, which is the most ecologically friendly paper on the planet! The majority of the waste created in our hoop making process (ex. damaged boxes, unusable ends of tubing rolls, etc), are recycled. We are constantly finding new ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and by supporting us you too are supporting that movement!

This hoop comes with a one year worry-free warranty which covers labor costs, burned out LEDs and wiring problems caused by a defect in construction. If your hoop ever needs to be repaired, just send it in and we will have it returned to you in a jiffy!

Hoops in 3/4" tubing weigh about 12 ounces, and hoops in 5/8" tubing weigh about 8 ounces. The number of LEDs does not affect the weight. If you would like weight added to your hoop, just leave a note with your purchase and I will add extra weights for free!

Each hoop is counter-balanced for an even flow while hooping. The internal wires are also padded so that there is NO RATTLING during use, which ensures your hoop will have a long, happy life. 

This hoop will collapse down to half its original size making it ideal for road trips, airplane travel, hiking excursions, bike rides and carrying around at festivals/events. You can take this hoop on any airline, and it is not counted as a carry-on! Protect your hoop and transport it easily by choosing to add a handmade hoop bag to your order.

Hoops ship standard with USPS Priority service, which takes about 2-5 days for delivery in addition to the turnaround/creation time listed HERE

Before you complete your purchase, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT, AND INCLUDE ANY APARTMENT/UNIT NUMBERS. You will be responsible for paying additional shipping costs if you enter the wrong address at checkout!

You will receive an email with tracking info as soon as your hoop has been shipped! Please allow up to 48 hours for tracking info to be updated by the postal carrier, sometimes they don't even scan the packages until the item is delivered. If you have questions about the location of your package, please call USPS at 1-800-ASK-USPS. Your package will be insured fully, so if it is damaged upon arrival just send us photos of the hoop and box and we will get a new one sent out pronto!



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PICKUP DISCOUNTS: Pick this hoop up from me in person and save $$$! This offer is valid for orders picked up locally in Kansas City OR Denver. Shoot me an email or text for more details! - (816)916-1443

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Base price for hoop is $80. Please select which customizations and upgrades you would like for your hoop from the drop down menus below! Once you add the hoop to your cart, an additional menu will pop up asking for more customization info for your hoop such as size, tubing material, and grip preference!

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